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Tracks of the Turtle

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"In the long term, regions themselves must be interconnected to allow for long distance dispersal and migration in response to climate change. In order to maintain their ecological integrity, many or most core reserves will have to be...joined to other protected areas."

--Noss, WE SI pg17

The final part of the system are corridors, which allow wildlife to travel freely from one core area to another.

Characteristics of Corridors:

  • Provide dwelling habitats as extensions of reserves.
  • Provide for seasonal migration.
  • Provide for dispersal and genetic interchange between core reserves.
  • Provide for long distance migration in response to climate change.
  • Low road density.
  • Three times wider than longest distance penetrated by edge effect; width is a function of length. (ex. 10 mile corridor should average 1 mile wide)
  • Allow for little or no human use.
Corridors allow for little human use as well. They also will probably depend on private land, as well as public, and often will be designed to follow waterways and wildlife migration routes.

Affiliations of The Wildlands Project
(Tuscon, AZ)
Canadian Parks & Wilderness
Toronto, Ontario
California Wildlands Coalition
Davis, CA
Minnesota Ecosystems Recovery Project
Redwing, MN
Youkon Wildlands
Whitehorse, Youkon
Sky Island Alliance
Tucson, AZ
Southwest Wildlands Project
Hawthorne, FL
Alliance for Wild Rockies
Missoula, MT
Northern Appalachian Restoration Project
Lancaster, NH
Paoli, IN
American Wildlands
Englewood, CA
RESTORE: The North Woods
Concord, MA
Southern Appalachia Biodiversity Project
Asheville, NC
One of the more impressive aspects of the Wildlands Project is its network. It literally extends from one end of the continent to the other. A 1995 list published in Wild Earth shows these affiliations of the Wildlands Project. However counting the affiliations of the affiliations, the list is actually much larger. The group Heartwood alone has over 75 organizations affiliated with it..

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